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d-Rocket was born out of the need for a big change.

Diógenes, owner of the "Diógenes Designer" brand, a few years ago decided to provide services using his name. However, the brand grew, the team increased and we realized the need for a new name... Something institutional, strong, with an identity, that's why we launched our new agency on the market:D-ROCKET.

With this, our group will have three brands:

DIÓGENES DESIGNER:It will be Diogenes' personal brand. The focus will be to produce content in the "digital influencer" style (but not so influencer) lol. Enjoying,Click hereand follow instagram @diogenesdesigner

MARKETING FOR NOTICES:This is the oldest brand of the group. It is a company focused on serving Notaries and companies linked to the extrajudicial branch. If you want to know this project,Click here.

D-ROCKET:Agency focused on visual communication and content production for different market niches. We will serve customers with all the services listed on this site.

TRÊS LOGOS OFICIAIS_Prancheta 1 cópia.png
TRÊS LOGOS OFICIAIS_Prancheta 1 cópia 2.png
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